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Daphne Richards
Ms. Richards joined Bessemer Trust in 1999 to focus on hedge fund manager research and portfolio management on behalf of the Bessemer’s Fifth Avenue Alternative Investments LLC and Overall Advisory Services. Ms. Richards heads the Hedge Fund manager research department, manages the hedge fund fund-of-funds programs, and assists Bessemer’s Overall Advisory Service clients with asset allocation, portfolio construction, manager selection and ongoing monitoring of their hedge fund investments.

Prior to joining Bessemer Trust, Ms. Richards was a Senior Investment Strategist and Consultant in Russell Private Investment Services at Frank Russell Company, providing asset allocation and manager recommendations to high net worth clients, with particular emphasis on hedge fund investment allocations. Prior to that, she worked at Union Bank of Switzerland, as a Credit Officer, overseeing derivative trading activity with hedge funds. Prior to that, she worked at Credit Suisse New York as a Corporate Finance Analyst, and Hambros International Venture Fund LLC.

Ms. Richards received a B.A. from Georgetown University in English Literature. She also completed Credit Suisse’s International Banking School Corporate Finance and Capital Markets Training Program.