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Doreen M. Mogavero
President & Chief Executive Officer
Mogavero Lee and Co.
Doreen began her career in 1975 on the American Stock Exchange as the clerk responsible for coordinating the option tax program for Ivan F. Boesky and Co. After a brief stay in Chicago working at the Chicago Board of Trade, Doreen returned to New York to become a founding member of the New York Futures Exchange (owned by the New York Stock Exchange) where she traded bond, and bill futures, and some currencies. In 1980, Doreen became a member of the New York Stock Exchange at the age of 25, at the time the youngest member on the floor. She bought her New York Stock Exchange seat in 1994 and is today the only woman working on the floor that owns her own seat.

Her committee work up to her appointment on the Board of Executives includes: serving on the Board of the Floor Members Emergency Fund as member, treasurer, and member of the Audit Committee and Trustee; member of the Board of the Organization of the Independent Floor Brokers, as a member and vice president; 23 years service on the New York Stock Exchange Hearing Board; twelve one year terms as a New York Stock Exchange Floor Official; two term member of the Governor Selection Committee. She was on the design team for the addition to the NYSE of the "Expanded Blue Room Project", The NYSE Committee to refurbish the Statue of Liberty.

In 1989, Doreen founded Mogavero Lee and Co., the first and only floor based direct access firm to be wholly owned and operated by women.

In an effort to restructure the New York Stock Exchange in 2003, our newly formed Independent Board of Directors appointed Doreen to the Board of Executives to help position the NYSE for the challenges of the future in market structure, corporate governance and technology . During this time Doreen served as one of only two floor members appointed to the Regulation, Enforcement and Listing Standard Committee. She served on the Board of the New York Stock Exchange Foundation and co-chaired the Market Performance Committee with the other Board of Executive Floor members. The first time that she chaired a Market Performance Committee meeting was the first time in NYSE history that any woman had ever done so. During this time she also founded and chaired the Market Information Committee to bring the members and staff together to promote a feeling of inclusion and unity within the institution, and as a base for all outreach and educational programs. She also founded and chaired the New York Stock Exchange Floor Members Diversity Committee. This committee represents one of the most historic cultural changes in the composition of the floor of the NYSE ever to be implemented and recognized.

To recognize her twenty five years as a member, this October Doreen will be inducted into the Buttonwood Club where she and her husband will have the distinction of being the only married couple to have both been NYSE members for twenty five years and join Buttonwood. (They were also the first "married members" on the Exchange.)

As her term on the Board of Executives has ended her work has not. Today Doreen continues to serve on the Market Performance Committee, Technology Planning and Oversight Committee, has returned to the Board of the Organization of Independent Floor Brokers and serves in a regulatory capacity as an Executive Floor Official on the floor of the Exchange. Her other committees include serving on the Security Traders Association Trading Issues Committee for the third year, she is a member of the Financial Women's Organization, and recently joined 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

Doreen has appeared as a guest commentator on CNBC and Bloomberg. She frequently speaks and participates in panel discussions at industry conferences and has been a featured speaker at Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business. Doreen has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, New York Post, Women's Enterprise Magazine and the South Florida Times Magazine.

Doreen is married to Achille Mogavero and they have one son, Robert.