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Janice Hall
Beam Reach Capital
Janice Hall is the founder and lead consultant of Beam Reach Capital, a firm specializing in derivatives, alternatives investing and the hedge fund industry. Prior to founding Beam Reach Capital, Janice was a Director in Merrill Lynch's Hedge Fund Development and Management Group, developing new products including the separate account platform and bespoke hedge fund portfolio businesses. Prior to joining HFDMG, Janice was Director of Investment Oversight and Business Management in the Merrill Lynch Investment Management Alternative Strategies group (the group responsible for fund of funds management at Merrill Lynch). While there, she was a Portfolio Manager and a voting member of the Investment Committee.

Janice started at Merrill in 1994 and worked in a variety of capacities, including Interest Rate Swap Trader, Derivative New Product Design, Real Estate Derivatives Specialty and Consultant specializing in quantitative and derivative strategies.