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Mari Kooi
Chief Executive Officer
Wolf Asset Management International LLC
Mari Kooi is the CEO of Wolf Asset Management International LLC, the holding company of the Wolf Group of Alternative Investment Companies. Wolf operates in all time zones and across all investment strategies in the fund of funds business. Clients of Wolf are primarily institutional and include some of the most sophisticated hedge fund investment groups.

Mari gained experience in all alternative markets during her 18 years at Cargill Incorporated as a trader, trading manager, and President of Cargill Asset Management. Specifically she has operating experience in commodities, transportation, money market derivatives, currencies, fixed income derivatives, equity derivatives, emerging country markets, distressed credit markets, distressed real estate, mortgage securities, and tax advantaged securities.

While at Cargill Mari also served on the committee responsible for financial risk management of Cargill's proprietary hedge fund. As President of Cargill Asset Management, Mari developed a number of innovative products for clients and started the first hedge fund in the marketplace supported by a bank syndicate and commercial paper program.

Several not for profit boards have benefited from Mari's governance including the Minnesota Museum of American Art which twice named her Trustee of the Year. Over three years she served as President, Chair, and Vice Chair.

Mari holds a Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Minnesota and has published widely on hedge fund investing.