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Yvonne Beri
Beri Consulting, Hedge Fund Consulting and Business Development
Yvonne Beri has been in financial markets since 1998, where she has worked across the industry from the equity trading environment to institutional sales and capital raising. She developed training programs, educating traders and micro hedge funds in various equity trading strategies, risk management and compliance at Worldco LLC. Yvonne managed and developed successful institutional sales programs at firms such as Ehrenkrantz King Nussbaum and Lipper-HedgeWorld. While at The Davenport Group and Blue Corner, she developed her knowledge of building and marketing emerging hedge fund managers across long/short equity, real estate, asset-backed and mortgage-backed, and Natural Resources/Renewable Energy strategies. She has marketed for a variety of funds on a consulting basis leading internal capital raising efforts.

Yvonne studied at Tulane University, taking courses in business and economics, and is a graduate of Allami Penzverde in Budapest, Hungary. Based in New York City, she is an active member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds and Director of CoOp Cares, a socially responsible and environmental not-for-profit.