100WHF-Stanford PACS Conference 2012 Speakers

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Roger Lowenstein

Chairman of the Sequoia Fund and Best-Selling Author/Journalist

Roger Lowenstein is a prolific journalist, best-selling author, and also is Chairman of the Sequoia Fund.

Mr. Lowenstein's New York Times best-sellers include, Buffett, When Genius Failed, (about Long-Term Capital Managemment) and The End of Wall Street. Other books include: While America Aged (forecasting a pension crisis) and Origins of the Crash (about the dot.com/Enron era).

Mr. Lowenstein began his career (after stints in Virginia and in Caracas, Venezuela) on The Wall Street Journal, where he worked 15 years, including as the 'Heard on the Street' and 'Intrinsic Value' columnist.

Mr. Lowenstein is now a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine, Bloomberg/Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The New Republic and other publications. He has written numerous prominent articles and is the author of the April 2012 cover story on Ben Bernanke in Atlantic; Memorable NYT Magazine articles include cover stories on Bernanke, Sandy Weill, the Rigas family (indicted in a corporate accounting scandal), immigration, Social Security, and Pensions.


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