100WHF-Stanford PACS Conference 2012 Speakers

100 Women in Hedge Funds Stanford PACS Standford Social Review


Scott Pittman

CIO of The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Scott Pittman joined The Mount Sinai Medical Center as the SVP & Chief Investment Officer in January 2009. He is the first CIO for the institution and is charged with managing the institution's cash and investments including its $1.1 billion investment portfolio. The Mount Sinai Medical Center is located in New York City and is comprised of the Mount Sinai hospital, medical school, and affiliated hospitals. It is a globally recognized institution and ranks as one of our nation's top medical facilities. Scott also serves on the Investment Committees for two affiliated insurance companies. Scott was recognized by Institutional Investor as one of the "2011 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds" and by Foundation & Endowment Money Management as one of the '2011 Rising Stars of Foundations & Endowment'. Prior to joining Mount Sinai, Scott was the Director of Investments at Baylor University. Scott also served as an instructor in the Hankamer School of Business where he taught Baylor's graduate level Portfolio Practicum course where students actively managed a $7.0 million investment portfolio. Before joining Baylor's Investment Office, Scott taught corporate finance and economics within the University's business school, and he spent several years within the healthcare industry.


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