Beneficiary Geneva Gala 2013

Roger Federer Foundation

About Roger Federer Foundation:
Roger Federer Foundation was established in 2003, to manage the philanthropic efforts of Roger Federer and his family. Its mission is to alleviate poverty among children in Southern Africa and Switzerland by providing quality education. In Switzerland, Roger Federer Foundation supports early childhood development through its partnership with a:primo, an organisation which focuses on helping economically and socially disadvantaged families in Switzerland acquire the skills to prepare their children for entering education. Underprivileged and socially isolated families, both Swiss and migrant, with children between the ages of 1 and 5 years old, will be coached by trained lay helpers from the families' local community in promoting their children's language, motor skills and social integration. Funds raised by 100WHF will help to expand this program across more locations in Switzerland.

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