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Elena Ambrosiadou
CEO & Founder

Olivia Bernard
Managing Director
Ferrostaal Capital
100WHF London Board Champion - France, London Board Treasurer

Lea Blinoff
Managing Director
Credit Suisse (UK) Ltd

Janie Chen
Partners Capital LLP

Effie K. Datson
Senior Managing Director, Global Head of AIS Product Management
State Street

Kathleen DeRose
Chairman of the Board
Evolute Group AG

Candace Grant
Assistant Vice President, Marketing Manager
Highland Financial Holdings

Lisa Gustavson
Managing Director
D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P.

Joyce Heinzerling
Partner, Archery Capital LLC

Anita Hill Sands
Managing Member
Intuition Financial Placement

Elizabeth Keeley
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Taconic Capital Advisors L.P.

Gail Landis
Managing Principal
Evercore Asset Management, LLC

Carol F. Lee
Special Counsel
Taconic Capital Advisors LP

Laura Rose
Head of Client Relations
DW Partners

Robin Rothstein

Bonita Sarazin *
Client Relations and Marketing Compliance Manager
Whitebox Advisors LLC

Michelle Thomson *
Ex- President
Duration Capital, formerly

Meline von Brentano
Managing Director
Caedmon Group, LLC

Alyssa Yavner
Chief Financial Officer
Taconic Capital Advisors LP