100 Women in Finance was formed in December 2001 when Dana Hall, Carol Kim, and Sarah Dyer decided to bring together 100 seasoned female industry leaders. Their initial goal was to form a professional community to teach women to better leverage their collective relationships and improve communication within the alternative investment industry.

Within the first few months of formation, the growing membership identified three areas where their efforts could promote meaningful change. Those three areas became the organization’s three pillars: education, professional leverage, and philanthropy.

Back in 2001, no one could have imagined the size and scope with which the organization would grow. As the industry has matured and strengthened its governance, infrastructure and best practices so has this organization. 100WF is constantly looking to add new leaders to expand its understanding of the evolving industry and ensure that its membership continues to reflect the industry’s breadth and depth.

Today, 100WF boasts more than 15,000 members in 21 locations across three continents. Members represent over 2,800 hedge funds, 1,000 fund of funds and 500 institutional buyers. They also represent the various roles within financial organizations; 100WF is proud to say that its membership includes over 1,600 portfolio managers and research analysts, as well as over 1,000 senior executives including CEOs, Presidents, COOs and CCOs.

Over the last decade, 100WF has held over 600 educational events and 70 peer advisory meetings. The organization has met its philanthropic objectives, raising over $40 million for charity. Ten years after its founding, the organization still strives to meet its core mission: to make a difference in both industry and community through its three pillars of unique educational programming, professional leverage initiatives, and philanthropy.