100WF Institute

The 100WF Institute, founded in the 10th anniversary year of the organization, was created to provide 100WF members with unique educational opportunities and scholarships.

CAIA CAIA Scholarships

Applications to enter the 100 Women in Finance/CAIA Scholarship program in September 2017 will be available in early 2017.

100 Women in Finance/CAIA Scholarship Program Eligibility (for September 2016 Application):    

  • Possess a minimum of one year of professional experience in the alternative investments industry
  • Pursue a career in alternative investment management with a specific focus on portfolio management
  • Maintain full membership in 100 Women in Finance
  • Ensure your employer does not currently reimburse the cost of the CAIA program
  • Commit to register for the Level 1 CAIA exam in September 2016
  • Commit to completing the program within 3 years of initial registration
  • If selected for the Scholarship, agree to serve as an organizational steward for CAIA by participating in organizational events and/or activities
  • Allow CAIA to use your name, name of employer, photo, and/or excerpts from essay responses in support of CAIA marketing and communications campaigns
  • Any retake costs or updated materials costs due to retakes, is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient

100 Women in Finance/CAIA Scholars Receive:

  • Enrollment and first-time registration fees for its Level I and II exams
  • Knowledge Series textbooks (courtesy Wiley Publishing)
  • Access to the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook, 11th edition
  • Core & Integrated Topics for Level II (courtesy IIJ)
  • Awardees may elect the Kaplan Schweser CAIA Level I and 2 Premium
  • Instruction Study Solution® OR the UpperMark Platinum Suite Study Package at no cost
  • First year of CAIA Association Membership fee waived