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Deals & Deal Makers: Bids & Offers

December 2, 2002
The Wall Street Journal

[Inside the World of Corporate Finance & Wall Street]

Midmarket Moguls...

The Hillary Factor

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton back in the business of hunting down stock tips and trading the market?

The question arose this week, when New York's senator was spotted dining with top hedge-fund traders at swanky New York food hall Cipriani.

Ms. Clinton was the featured speaker at a black-tie affair hosted by "100 Women in Hedge Funds," a group dedicated to mentoring women, and to raising money to fight breast cancer. In contrast with successes years ago trading commodities, Ms. Clinton now says she doesn't even know what is in her investment portfolio, which is managed by a "blind trust."

"I have no idea if we're up, down or what's going on," she says.

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