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A New Era in Operational Due Diligence

October 13, 2010 | Chicago, IL

Join us for a panel on the new era of operational due diligence. Hear industry experts discuss the impact of the
recent crisis on how managers are performing operational due diligence, as well as the end effects on their
investment decisions. The discussion will focus on key functions that are evaluated both from an investor's and a
third party service provider's perspective.

These leading third party experts will provide insight into the following:
  • the increased focus on investment management operations given more stringent post-Madoff processes
  • an administrator’s perspective on the operational due diligence performed by investors
  • pros and cons of outsourcing to third parties
  • how to effectively perform pricing and valuation due diligence on a manager
  • the effects of the Dodd-Frank Act
Rosemary Fanelli, CounselWorks
David Fisher, AlphaMetrix Financial Investigations
Michael J. Leahy, SEI
Thomas Kasza, E-Merging Technologies Group
Ann Marie Morley, Aurora Investment Management
Erica Nelson, Moderator, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Host: Deloitte
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