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Will Precious Metals Continue to Shine? Paradigm Shift in Investing from Non-Physical to Physical Forms

October 5, 2011 | Zurich

As established economies continue their deleveraging process and concerns about European sovereign debt continue unabated, the summer months have seen turbulent and volatile markets that are reminiscent of the Lehman crisis of 2008. How have central banks, hedge funds, asset managers and wealthy individuals responded to this risk environment? A quiet paradigm shift is occurring as potential stagnation and inflation fears loom in Eurozone economies and large institutional precious metals investors shift their allocation from non-physical to physical precious metals.

A team of precious metals experts and allocators will provide an overview of how this specialized market functions and discuss topics such as:

  • How do precious metals fit in an investment portfolio?
  • What are the supply and demand factors driving the precious metal markets? Who are the lenders and borrowers
    in the gold and silver markets?
  • How liquid and secure is this asset class in the physical and non-physical forms?
  • What are the precious metals investment trends for 2011 and beyond?


  • Andreas Maag, Executive Director, EMEA & APAC Head of Precious Metals Sales, UBS Investment Bank
  • Edel Tully, Moderator, Executive Director, Precious Metals Strategist, UBS Investment Bank
  • Marcus Grubb, Managing Director of Investments, World Gold Council
  • Christine Melian, Director and Chief Financial Officer, Central Asian Minerals and Resources
  • Jerom Berset, Palaedino Asset Management

Host: UBS

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